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A Bird's Eye View

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The challenge for me is to manipulate light from a fresh and unexpected perspective using just my imagination and my chosen tool - the camera.  There is always another way of looking at things; it depends on how you choose to see the world.


My passion is photographing birds, albeit as a visual artist, and I am constantly searching for a novel way to tell their story. I want to show how paradoxically, movement can sometimes bring about stillness; the revelation to me is that a blurred image can sometimes bring into focus an apparently chaotic scene in a way that a sharper image cannot.  


I prefer to find sympathetic backdrops such as water and sky, and high key light is what I love best.  Without any distracting elements the birds become the stars of the show and their beauty takes centre stage with a lightness of touch that brings us closer to their ethereal nature.  


Traditional landscape photography does not hold much fascination for me - I would much rather communicate through the less literal, to evoke an experience through movement and abstraction.  With that in mind I have been approaching the subject through the use of in-camera multiple exposure combined with camera movement.  The images are meant to convey more of a feeling than a seeing, and the results can certainly be abstract and surreal, yet I enjoy the spontaneity of working this way - it produces an unpredictability and the chance to create something unique.  


In 2012 I was awarded a Fellowship in Visual Art by the Royal Photographic Society and I am a member of both the Arena Group of Photographers and Landscape Collective UK.  I have work in private collections all over the world and my images can be viewed at the Paragon Gallery in Cheltenham and at the Burford Garden Company, Oxfordshire.  I print on acid free Permajet Fine Art photographic paper and each image is signed and is part of a limited edition of 25.









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